Dietary Requirements

Being denied a slice of cake as a result of allergies and intolerances is not fun. So I cater for most dietary requirements safely with delicious substitutes.


As it is so important to feel confident in the food you are consuming, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your dietary requirements further.


Gluten Free

During my degree, I specialised in the study of catering for coeliac sufferers and have also participated in competitions with CoeliacUK, one of which I was successful in 2009! (See cheesy picture).


Therefore I understand the critical importance of ensuring high standards and consistent systems. I have specifically designed my kitchen processes and storage to ensure that all gluten free food produced is safe for consumption at all times.


I am also happy to supply selected gluten free and non gluten free tiers for non-hypersensitive coeliac sufferers.


Reduced Fat

They may be reduced fat, but they are still incredibly delicious! My range of yoghurt based reduced fat cakes taste every bit as delicious but won't require an extra 30 minutes on the treadmill! Completely removing butter from the recipe dramatically reduced both the fat andcalorie content of the cakes.


The use of Natural yoghurt is great as it is reported to help lower cholesterol, boost the immune system and aid digestion... not bad when you consider you're eating cake!


Want to make your cake even lower in fat?



Why not substitute butter cream frosting for a cream cheese whip, a glaze or maybe even a naked cake lavished with berries!

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